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Burnley Safe Child Scheme

Safe Child Scheme

Burnley Child Safety Scheme

Safe Child Scheme originally developed in 1993 is designed to minimise danger and anxiety when children become separated from their families in busy shopping environments and to ensure that they are reunited as quickly as possible.

Within Burnley town centre there is currently a town centre radio scheme, which has approximately 100 members during the day, 24 hour CCTV, and a public address system in place to help with such incidents. We also have numerous security members and town centre wardens to assist.

To ensure the credibility of the scheme, supported by the NSPCC, we called upon the Police, Community Safety, Town Centre Partnerships and many of the retailers. Tesco actually supports the scheme nationally so they will come on board automatically.

Here in Burnley we have a very good working relationship with the police and the town centre partnerships � so their involvement was agreed in principle immediately. Charter Walk Shopping Centre initially launched the scheme on February 19th 2005, and has recently re-launched the scheme to raise awareness to all shoppers in the town. All retailers supporting the scheme will display the 'holding hands' logo in the premise windows as well as on the tills.

Shoppers will benefit by knowing that we have a scheme in place which in the event of becoming separated from their children - that we have trained staff, both in the centre and its shops, who will unite to locate the child as soon as possible.

Lets all keep children safe.... by knowing what to do.

For further information or training please contact:

Charter Walk Shopping Centre (01282) 425368 / 448524

Download the Child Safety Scheme Brochure.

cruelty to children must stop!